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Accompanying xml files handled by the gui.

Nov 19, 2012 at 10:26 AM

Hello again,

i must say i am using the tool atm and its doing a great job and i would like to suggest some more stuff that can make the gui more powerfull.

Since i am building lots of farms i still have to manually edit the config.xml config-OWA.xml and answerfiles-Forefront.xml.

It would be really awesome if i could handle them all using the GUI to insert keys and users and also save the files. Also in case i decide to rename them on a per farm basis it would be great if the GUI could link them together and have it all saved in one go, or one after the other.

This might become even more powerfull when autospinstaller brings other sharepoint services to the table like Project server 2010.

Good Luck!