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Some requests and issues

Apr 17, 2015 at 7:08 AM
Good day.

I have some requests and issues with AutoSPI GUI.

I'm using AutoSPInstallerGUI net4.5 on Windows 2008R2 x64 Standard server, for installing
Sharepoint 2013.

1) Is it possible to have checking for new version optional?
I don't have internet on a server and if I run the GUI and while it is starting, switch to another application window, there is no notification in taskbar of AutoSP GUI running. That means I don't know if it started or not and have to manually close all other windows to get to the Warning screen. And if I click on Show desktop button to clear the screen, then it disappears completely and I have to go to Task Manager and kill the AutoSPInstallerGUI process and start again.

2) If I click on close button, it just closes the window, but the AutoSPInstallerGUI net4.5.exe task is still running and I have to kill it in Task Manager. Some with net3.5 version.

3) There is no monitoring for any changes while working with XML file or creating new one. If I click on close butting or choose Exit, the it just closes and not asking if I want to save any changes made.

Other than that it is a fantastic application and realy helps me with runnig different installation scenarios.

Thank you for your work and hope to see some changes and enhacements coming up.