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Handling username renaming.

Nov 29, 2012 at 11:31 AM
Edited Nov 30, 2012 at 1:07 PM

Hi again,

as you are used to i am back with more bug reports.

Here's the first problem.

If you use a previous xml and start renaming the users created in the "Farm" tab under "Managed Accounts", if you rename an existing user that is allready in use in other tabs, as soon as you hit save it will take it out of all the other places it is set as in use and pop you a bunch of errors in the face. It will do this with all accounts you try to rename so it gets quite horrible. You then need to remember where the accounts where and were they where used and put them back. You usually want to rename all and then proceed to place them back this means you get the pop-ups and errors for all users you rename one after the other.

It would be great if the renaming process will actually just rename the users and not take them out from the selection boxes in the other tabs, and only take a user out if it is being removed from managed accounts.

This makes it easier to rename them and also keep the accounts were they were without having to know whitch one goes were. It would also get rid of the pesky pop-up errors when you just try to rename accounts on a different yet identical deployment.

This leads me to my second problem that can be resolved by the first one.

If you have search disabled, the accounts used there will also get disassociated with the users that are being renamed and will throw you the error regardless if search was set to off. So in order to fix it you have to turn search on, place the accounts back in, then turn it off again. But if you don't have search accounts made because you don't want to use it, you have to set another account not destined for search in there because the script will keep throwing errors.

For the last scenario make the Account check procedure not run on the search if it is set to disabled.

PS: Also in the "Service Applications" Tab, on UPS (User profile Service), gray out the "Sync Account" and "Sync Account Password" if "Create Default Sync Connecton " is not ticked and/or make it use managed accounts.

PPS: In "Enterprise Service Applications", would be great if it used drop downs from the "Managed Accounts".

PPPS: In "Web Applications" tab, if you remove the "MySitesHost" web application and leave just the Portal, you are unabel to recreate another "MySitesHost" because of the warning that only one Portal and MySitesHost can exist. Its a false alarm because the MySitesHost has been removed. In order to recreate it you need to make a Other type site then after save rename it to MySitesHost. You need to fix the checking mechanism.

Good Luck!

Dec 11, 2012 at 3:07 AM

Hey x3style,

Account renaming: I agree this would be very useful, I will look into this once I get the tool more stable.

Search disabled issue: fixed 

UPS Create Default Sync Connection: Fixed

Unattended Service account pull from Manged Accounts:  The reason I did this was because most people wont make the Unattended accounts Managed accounts, this way you have the flexibility of doing either. Ill think about it.

Web Applications Adding "MySiteHos"t issue: Fixed

Thank you for your feedback, keep it coming!